Agrowing presented its remote and close sensing technologies at Agriweek Osaka (May 22nd-24th)

Agrowing launched its campaign to the Japanese and Korean markets with a delegation of the leading Israeli Agricultural technological companies, as organized by the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Nine companies with innovative technologies held a seminar and exhibited their products at Osaka's Agriweek.

Following the visit Agrowing will announce soon of its distributing partners to Japan and Korea.

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Agrowing presents its remote and close sensing technologies to Brazil's president Bolsonaro in Jerusalem

4/3/2019 Agricultural Innovation Show for Brazil's President

Mr. Bolsonaro was hosted by Isreal's prime minister in an agricultural show presenting him the latest precision agriculture technologies by Agrowing, a world leading of high-end yet affordable multispectral sensors of high resolution.

The show was organized by the Israeli Innovation Authority. Agrowing presented it's low cost turnkey solution for small farms, which is based on the integration of its 5 narrow band sensor with Yuneec's H520 drone. The solution is planned for commercial release mid-June 2019.

Latest news: Limited Time Offer of AgroVoyager, an Integrated MultiSpectral Agricultural Drone Solution for Educational Institutions/Academies

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 23rd October, 2017 – Walkera, Agrowing, and Icaros are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to offer educational institutions a special limited-time, highly discounted price for AgroVoyager, Walkera’s drone solution for Agriculture, distributed by Ambar Group.

The AgroVoyager agricultural solution is based on the high-end Walkera quadcopter “Voyager 4 “ and includes:

· a built-in Agrowing narrow band multispectral sensor that is 8 Megapixels per channel, with sunlight sensor and accurate triggering recording,

· a perpetual license of Icaros’ OneButton software, an extremely easy to use multispectral image processing package and,

· a perpetual license of Agrowing’s agriculture analytics software,

The all-inclusive bundle is incredibly priced at $7,500, and includes 1 year of technical support and maintenance on software.

The special AgroVoyager bundle will be available to educational institutions/academies through the end of the year. Furthermore, or colleges and universities ordering during the offer period, will be entitled to order up to 100 AgroVoyagers at the same price for up to 1 year.

This unique package will enable researchers and students to acquire and process imagery into high-fidelity fully indexed, geospatially accurate orthomosaic maps for agriculture. These maps can be used to monitor and analyze crop health, irrigation, pests and plant disease symptoms, in resolution as high as 0.5mm per pixel. Such imagery, acquired from as low as 3m altitude above the crops, is crucial for machine-vision systematics and professional agricultural precision analytics.

“We joined forces to offer the AgroVoyager at such an aggressive price for academies, because we thought that academics will be the best promoters of the solution. We are confident they will find the AgroVoyager solution a game changer, and will let them further develop new and innovative ways to monitor vegetation.” Said Robert Luo CEO of Walkera.

“The Agrovoyager drone is the first in a line of Walkera’s agricultural drones, which could be used for agricultural surveys. The drone already has proven record in its police version. Walkera’s integrated mission planning software, One-key retun, its greater than 22 minute endurance, and its user-friendly operation, make the drone ideal for academics, who need to focus on the acquired data rather than on complex operation of hardware and software“ , Said Mr Izik Omer , CTO Of Ambar Group.

Agrowing’s sensor technology represents a unique and advanced patent pending multispectral solution to capture four 8MP narrow bands of 35nm each. The sensor has interchangeable NDVI (450;550;650;850nm) and Red-Edge (450;550;710;850nm) lenses. These E-mount lenses coupled with Sony’s APS-C sensor full spectrum cameras, are of 25mm focal length and amazing <1% distortion. Numerous vegetation indices are supported by the accompanying software, which allows the user to add formulas, customize pallettes, and set surveys ranges.

“There is no other solution in the agriculture market with such capabilities. Compared to the other leading multispectral sensor brands that offer 1 to 1.3 megapixels and lens distortion exceeding 15%, Agrowing‘s 8 megapixels, or 1 to 6 scale versus others. The integration with a solid professional drone with a top quality gimbal, enables the acquisition of imagery never acquired before by any drone.“, said Tom Bosanko, CEO at Icaros.

“Walkera, Agrowing, and Icaros have created a one-of-a-kind, professional, state-of-the-art, agriculture solution which takes remote sensing to the next level of Remote & Close sensing. This is our vision. Remote & Close sensing are the key to fully automated precision agriculture.” Dvir says.

The full package will be offered at $7,500 per unit + shipping.

Sales will start at Walkera’s & Ambar Group’s booth 601 at the Commercial UAV Expo Americas (Westgate, Las Vegas, Oct 24-26, 2017, and through Ambar Group. For more information: or

September 2017 News:

Icaros and Agrowing Announce Integrated Drone Multi Spectral Mapping Solution for Agriculture

FAIRFAX, Virginia, USA / Tel Aviv, Israel, 4 September, 2017 – Icaros Inc, a leading provider of aerial imaging software, and Agrowing, a leading supplier of multispectral sensors and analytics software, are pleased to announce an integrated product that bundles Icaros’ OneButton software into Agrowing’s solution stack, automating the entire workflow from image capture through generation of fully indexed orthomosaic maps for agriculture.

As part of the agreement between the companies, Agrowing will offer an exclusive product bundle that includes Agrowing’s multispectral sensor, Icaros’ OneButton Standard Edition, and Agrowing’s agriculture solution. The combined features enable Agrowing users to process imagery into high-fidelity fully indexed orthomosaic maps for agriculture – which are crucial for professional precision analytics.